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  • Please fill your Birth Cert No. if your child haven got a NRIC yet.

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  • Please provide the contact no. which we are able to contact you. Such as Home or Handphone.

  • Please fill an email which we are able contact you through email.

  • Please fill full address in Malaysia.


  • For beginner student who never learn before, please choose 'Initial'.

    Adult Leisure Play for 14 years old and above

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  • You may choose your 2nd choice day for classes, this is to prevent your 1st choice day for classes is full in schedule, we will arrange your day for classes to your 2nd choice.

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    You may choose your 2nd choice time for classes, this is to prevent your 1st choice time for classes is full in schedule, we will arrange your time for classes to your 2nd choice.

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  • Leave your message, if you have any specific detail or message to tell us.



    1. Fees must be paid in the FIRST WEEK of the month. All the payments are due on 7th of the month. Payment may be made in cash or by cheque payable to Sarawak International Music Academy or by credit card with 2% service charges. Fees reminder message will be sent out on every 15th of the month if there is any outstanding fee or books.
    2. Please do whatever payment with our MANAGEMENT STAFF instead of teachers.

    3. Please give at least one day earlier advance notice to our school of your absence. Our management staff will inform the teachers. There is no replacement would be requested if student absent without any notice or last minute inform with any circumstances reasons. The lesson will be counted present as the teacher is already waiting in their class.
    4. NO make-up lesson will be provided for any class which is conducted in group.
    5. There is optional for the temporary stop lessons :
    a. Paid the full fees in advance and the time schedule will be reserved and make up lesson will be arranged.
    b. Omit the fees and time schedule will be offered out to others and reschedule the lesson time when you resume your lesson. No replacement class will be arranged.
    6. School is closed on every Wednesday and public holidays.
    7. Please visit at for our school calendar regarding studio breaks or holidays.
    8. Lessons are scheduled regularly for the student's best interest; missing them is to be avoided. To ensure progress, consistent attendance (along with daily practice) is essential.

    9. The deposit is only refundable with a 30 DAYS NOTICE by signing the Termination Notice Form if student wants to terminate the lesson.
    10. The deposit will be forfeited if terminate the lesson without 30 days notice.

    11. The waiting area is provided as a courtesy to the students, and it is expected that everyone wait quietly and not disturb ongoing lessons. Please drop off students no more than five minutes before the scheduled lesson time, and pick them up promptly.
    12. Food and drinks are not permitted in the studios.
    13. Students may, at times, be assigned to new teachers. Such changes have always been positive and offer students new learning perspectives. Due to unexpected circumstances a teacher may need to be absent. We will provide a highly qualified and experienced substitute who will ensure the proper continuity of students' classes.
    14. Teachers are legally not permitted to teach outside the school any present or former students of the school. Soliciting/seeking private instruction from our school's teachers is strictly prohibited.

  • Registration form will be REJECTED without agree RULES AND REGULATION above.